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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Services

Service Introduction

Industry Leading Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Services from Concept to Product
Allnyx aims to deliver unrivalled mechanical engineering services and industrial engineering services that resonate with your unique business objectives and maximize productivity. We enable you to stay competitive by optimizing product engineering, enhancing R & D services, and shortening the product development cycle.
Be it turnkey product development or process optimization; we bring together state-of-the-art mechanical engineering and industrial engineering excellence to empower you to innovate and roll out highly reliable electronic products designs.
The immense experience with multiple technologies and business processes is our strength. It allows us to gauge existing systems and offer you an effective optimization plan rather than selling you specific lines of products.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Services We Offer

Allnyx offers a vast range of capabilities across mechanical and industrial engineering services to validate designs, optimize design performance, improve operational efficiency, create prototypes, and test critical components to deliver superior quality products.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Services

We do it all from creating new designs to modifying the existing infrastructure, from reducing the number of parts to the standardization of parts.

Mechanical Design & Analysis Services

Manufacture and assembly units’ designs, finite, thermal, and piping analysis, material and process selection, cost reduction, electronics hardware, and software, and more.

CAD Conversion & Migration Services

Get your paper drawings and blueprints preserved in digital formats.

2D Drafting

Capture all the geometric features of a product as per the standardized practices and provide it to the manufacturer.

3D Modelling and Mechanical Drafting

Develop a 3D model visualization of any three-dimensional objects in the form of a mathematical wireframe representation.

Reverse Engineering (RE) Services

CAD modeling, manufacturing drawings, BoM, GD&T, Stack-up analysis to discover the technological details and improvise design.

Manufacturing Support & Process Planning

Achieve efficient manufacturing process planning through process planning, master scheduling, requirements, and capacity planning.

Value Analysis & Engineering Services

Improve product functionality and decrease costs through our expertise in design studies, key element enhancement, and performance improvement in products and sub-systems.

CAD Design & Development Services

Leverage CAD & CAE designs, concept generation, design evaluation and documentation, prototype development, testing, and manufacturing support.

Design & Engineering Analysis

Create safer, cost-effective, reliable, and faster-to-market designs with our skills in Advanced Numerical Simulation AND Virtual Testing Technology.

Testing Services

Develop comprehensive, structured, and cost-effective tests to check the reliability of products and components covering shock, vibration, fixture designs, environmental, functional, performance aspects.

Jigs and Fixture Design Services

Let us know your requirements, and we’ll come up with robust jigs and fixture model designs to save you time, cost, and effort.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

Verify and validate the design concept and derive optimized designs with Structural Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Dynamic Analysis, and more.

DFX Component Engineering

Avail of dynamic and breakthrough DFX components for various electronic products.

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