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Our Working Areas

Allnyx deep, cross-industry expertise and professional team cater to various industry verticals for innovative product design solutions.

To align with increasingly diverse client requirements, we constantly focus on expanding our key competencies and develop tailor-made, best-fit solutions, optimized specifically for your processes, products, people, end-users, and capabilities.

Agriculture Industry

As per the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the global population will increase by 2 billion by 2050.

Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace sector is looking to address increasingly challenging scenarios such as market competition.

Gaming Industry

the gaming industry has been impacted by unprecedented levels of technological disruption.

Consumer Electronics Industry

The consumer electronics sector is undergoing a significant transition because of changing consumers preferences.

IoT Industry

IoT technology taking a center stage in this hyperconnected ecosystem, it has enabled the network of physical objects with embedded systems,

AI Industry

Artificial intelligence is the new business imperative for enterprises navigating digital transformation.

Machine Learning Industry

While enterprises worldwide are busy generating and gathering data aggressively, they must also focus on effective ways to analyze

Medical Industry

Connected healthcare electronic products and hyper-personalized healthcare software solutions have disrupted the medical and healthcare industry.


The contemporary industrial ecosystem is heavily impacted by Industry 4.0. OEM.