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Hardware & Firmware Engineering Service

Service Introduction

While industry 4.0 is fuelling revolutionary transformation in the electronic product design approach, it is a requisite to collaborate with a reliable system engineering service partner to capitalize on it. Having battle-tested expertise and long-standing experience in end-to-end hardware and firmware engineering services, Allnyx addresses all your product development needs from concept to production.
Our expert hardware and firmware engineers are competent in electronics designs of any complexity for IoT, automotive, industrial, aerospace, and gaming sectors. Over the years, we’ve established a well-defined methodology best suited for optimum performance, reliability, reduced time-to-market, short prototyping cycles, regulatory compliance, safety, BOM, and manufacturability.

Hardware Engineering Services We Offer

Building The Building Blocks Of Efficient Electronic System Design And Manufacturing
Allnyx has been working on futuristic electronic hardware designs for process instruments, automotive and industrial systems, wearables, field devices, handheld devices, connected devices, and much more for more than a decade.

High-Speed Board Design

Proven methodologies for the board, module designs, full-wave characterization, BSP and driver development, protocol validation and measurement, diagnostics, debugging and tuning, high-speed technologies like SAS, DDR4, Gen 4, PCle.

PCB Design Layout Services

Get benefit from our expertise in Layout and board analysis in multi-layer, HDI, Flex, Flex-Rigid PCBs for your most complex multi-processor.

RF & Wireless Designs

Our RF and wireless design solutions are reliable and assist you in Multi-radios design, RF and wireless applications, RF analysis and simulation, tuning, and antenna customization for the widest range of applications.

Low Power Design

Our power electronics design engineers have extensive experience in power-efficient designs that ensure lower power consumption for IoT and power management devices.

Pre-compliance Testing & Certification

We cover various Pre and compliance tests, including vibration, thermal, interference, EMI/EMC, morBOM optimization, ROM estimation, and certification requirements such as FCC, CE, UL, RoHS, and many more.

Re-Engineering And Value Engineering Services

We design to value to help you optimize the costs and expand market share with the help of platform standardization, costing, benchmarking, market indexing, and portfolio analysis. We also have solutions for obsolescence management.

Firmware Engineering Services We Offer

Tapping Into Software That Work Best For Your Hardware Systems
We offer end-to-end firmware development for embedded systems for organizations spanning across a wide range of domains. Our team of multidisciplinary experts, firmware engineers, and firmware developers work with you, from concept to deployment, to help you reduce cost, enhance functionalities, accelerate time-to-market.

Bespoke Firmware Design, Development, Deployment