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Embedded System Development

Service Introduction

Allnyx Electronics is globally recognized for high-performance, safe, and cost-effective embedded systems development services. With Pure play Engineering & Technology focus, we address your full embedded development cycle needs from strategy, design, and system development to implementing integrations, testing, and end-user experience for hardware, software, and firmware.

Our embedded product design approach is led by businesses’ demand to accelerate their R&D process and reinvent technology stack to drive new product development amidst changing market dynamics rapidly.
With domain expertise spanning the interfaces of Automotive, Aerospace, Medicine, Gaming, Wearables, LEDs, and Industrial technologies, we love to design products that give you a competitive edge by capitalizing on IoT, ML, AI, and automation.

Services We Offer

High-performance Embedded Systems That Ensure Robust Device Capabilities
Allnyx’s team of seasoned embedded systems developers design and engineer reliable embedded software, hardware, firmware, and middleware systems to suit the industry-specific requirements and production processes.
As a top-notch embedded software development company, we are backed by the state-of-the-art facility and responsive tech support.

Embedded Hardware Development

From designing to finding the right alliance to manufacture tailor-made hardware, Allnyx deals with every challenge for our clients. We handpick the best hardware components for building high-end, tailor-made embedded hardware that adheres to qualification standards.